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Sewer Line

Sewer line services are among the most important things we do. When it comes to plumbing services, keeping sewage out of your house and off your lawn is non-negotiable.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

When you have a problem with your sewer line, you know it. There is no doubt, and you do not need a plumber to tell you there is an issue. There are any numbers of things that can go wrong with an underground pipe. This one in particular has all sorts of odd shaped stuff flowing through it, especially if you have young children. The good news is that there is a great fix for the problem. You may be imagining a big ditch dug into your lawn to gain access to the line that is causing the problem. That is no longer the case. Trenchless repairs are our specialty. This allows us access to pipes under the lawn and even under your driveway with minimal disturbance to your property. Contact us right away to learn more about this proven technology.

Trenchless sewer line repair can save you both money and an awful lot of time. Most jobs can be done in a day or less so that you can get on with the business of living. Remember, we do not have to waste time digging that big ditch in your lawn. On top of saving time, it also preserves your driveway and all of your landscaping. Don’t think of this as a cheapskate fix, though. Any and all repairs we do are to industry standards. If you are having problems with sewage backing up, call us right now.

Repair Sewer Line

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Do you know old your home is? Chances are the sewer line has not been replaced since the home was built. The average home in the United States is more than three decades old. Considering what has been flowing through that pipe, maybe it is time for a replacement. Our trenchless method works for this as well. If you think your old pipes might be worn out, it is better to get a replacement earlier rather than waiting for a problem to occur. The sooner we get in there, the more options you will have and the more money we can save you. Do not wait till your lawn is swamped with sewage; call us out for a free estimate today.

Another problem is when roots put undue pressure on the sewer line. It does not happen quickly, but as the root grows over time, the stress on the pipe increases. It is hard to stand up to Mother Nature. That is a frequent cause of problems, and our trenchless replacement technique is great for getting it fixed. If we can catch the problems before they start, it will be easier on everyone – especially you! Let us come out and take a look as soon as possible.

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We provide sewer line services in Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Mateo, and nearby cities.