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Gas Line

Gas line repair or installation requires expert plumbing services. As a plumber, we advise that this is not something you want to try to handle on your own. If you suspect a break in your gas line, we are the plumbing company to call immediately!

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Gas Line Repair

If you are smelling gas – it smells like rotten eggs – stop reading right now and get out of the house. After you are out of the house, and not before, call emergency services. If there is enough gas that you can smell it there is a danger of a fire. You certainly do not want to take a chance on carbon monoxide poisoning, either. Once we know your family is safe, we can shut off the gas supply, air out the home and repair the gas line. This is not something to take a chance on. We are the plumbing company that will protect your family and your investment in your home by ensuring that the repairs are done properly and on time. You should know that we are available any time day or night to help you with these problems. Do not accept a danger to your family from a gas leak; call us right away.

Gas fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any house. The convenience that comes from an instant-on fireplace is great for those chilly winter nights. The problem is that every now and again those gas lines running into your fireplace will develop minor leaks or cracks. As a plumber, we are expertly trained and have the experience to handle those issues. Let us help you keep your gas fireplace running to keep the house nice and toasty through those chilly winter nights.

Home Gas Line Service

Gas Line Installation

How old are the gas lines in your home? It is very likely that they are as old as your home. On average, this means they are thirty years old. It is probably worth your time to have us come out and inspect your plumbing, which includes your gas lines. Leaks are relatively rare, but the safety of your family is worth the effort. If we find a problem, we will most likely recommend replacing the existing pipes with flexible lines. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an inspection and a free estimate.

If you are building a new home, we strongly recommend having gas lines installed. This is a great way to keep your electricity bill down. Many of your appliances can be run on clean burning natural gas. Obviously, if you want a fireplace, you need to have gas unless you are into chopping wood. Many professional chefs prefer a gas stove to an electric one, as well. Running your water heater on gas instead of power can save a significant amount of money every year. If you are looking for a new line into your existing home, we are the right plumbing company for the job. We are ready to help you with this great investment for your home, so call us!

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