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Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Gas fireplace maintenance is important not only for the long term condition of your home, but also for the immediate health of your family. We offer the highest quality fireplace repair services to help keep you safe and warm in your house.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Redwood City
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Gas Fireplace Maintenance Services

If you have noticed even the slightest smell of gas in your home, stop reading this right now and get out of your house. That may be a gas leak, and we need to be sure you are safe. Call us from outside your home and we will get it taken care of quickly. Many homeowners do not realize that gas fireplace maintenance is handled by plumbers. Sure, keeping your water flowing is one of the things we do. We are also great at knocking out clogs, but handling gas pipes is one of the most important jobs we do. Doing this work right not only gives you a gorgeous roaring fire when the nights get chilly, but it also concerns the safety of your family. Quality is always our watchword, and that is 100% true with gas fireplace maintenance. Contact us right now to make sure everything is running right.

When you are having any sort of gas work done, make sure you have a licensed master plumber. The state issues these licenses to highly experienced and qualified craftsmen. We are a skilled team of professionals and are expertly trained to help you with your gas fireplace maintenance. We handle repairs as well. If you think you might need repairs on the lines running to your fireplace, contact us right away. Sometimes repairs to pipes can be put off for a while, but it is not wise to take a chance on gas. If you suspect there is a problem, do not hesitate to call us for help.

Gas Fireplace Repairs

In addition to being able to do installs of new gas lines for fireplace inserts and log sets we can also do the cleaning and take any other steps needed for repair. If the blower for your gas fireplace is making strange noises, or the remote is not working, we can help. Even if the gas fireplace seems to have totally stopped working we can come out and diagnose the problem - and in most cases fix it on the spot. When it comes to gas fireplaces we would love to be your one stop shop for any type of work you need done.

Repair Gas Fireplace Service
As a plumber, we can handle your repairs any time, day or night. Even though gas fireplace maintenance is not a common emergency call, we are ready to help you with it. As a plumbing company, we are available 24/7, especially when your safety is at stake. If you want to replace something, or perhaps expand the scope of your fireplace, we are happy to handle that as well. When the winter nights start to get chilly, there is nothing quite like a nice fire. It is not a bad idea to do your gas fireplace maintenance before it gets cold so you can beat the rush. Why not call our office? You will find out that we can come out whenever it is convenient for you.

If you have a traditional wood fireplace and want to get gas installed we are ready to serve you. We are certain that you will count on us for your gas fireplace maintenance in the future after you see the work we do. Let us come out and give you a free estimate today.

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We provide gas fireplace maintenance in Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Mateo, and nearby areas.